Young Emerging Writers Summer Internship 2020 — Application Deadline Extended to May 20

Young Emerging Writers Summer Internship Program Celebrates 15th Years in 2020 — Applications are Being Accepted Now!

The 2019 YEW interns and staff at THE ATLAS 14 Release Party

For young people in the Quad Cities who are passionate about writing, the MWC offers the Young Emerging Writers (YEW) Summer Internship Program. This selective seven-week program will be held Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from June 8th through July 22nd, 2020.

**Application Deadline Extended to May 20**

**COVID-19 Update: As with our Writers’ Conference, our plan for YEW 2020 is to move forward—either in-person or virtually.

If we end up moving to a distance learning setting, we will meet in private groups online (via Zoom or another distance learning format). We are still planning to have public “virtual” events, and are working on some special guests visiting writers and other ways we can use this new format to our advantage and help our interns not only grow creatively and professionally, but to shine more light on the work they’ll be producing at such a unique moment in our lives and our history.

If you are interested in applying, but have concerns about internet or computer access, please contact us—we want to see lots of applications and we will work with all of our interns to make sure they have what they need to participate. 

Download the 2020 YEW Summer Internship Application below:

MS Word version – 2020 YEW Application

PDF Version – 2020 YEW Application

YEW is for talented graduating and continuing high school students, ages 15-19, interested in creating and publishing works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and/or drama. Below are the dates for 2020:

YEW 2020 – Meeting Dates
(all regular meetings are Mon.-Wed., 5-7:30 p.m. at the MWC offices in the Rock Island Public Library Downtown Branch, ground floor)

Week 1: June 8-10
Week 2: June 15-17
Week 3:June 22-24 (DRC Conference June 25-27)
Week 4: June 29-July 1
Week 5: July 6-8
Week 6: July 13-15
Week 7: July 20-22

Public Reading
Thurs., July 23 (location TBA)
Thurs., July 30 (at Figge Art Museum in Davenport, IA)

THE ATLAS 15 Two-Part Release Party
Thurs., August 13 (location TBA)

Students who work on the school newspaper, school literary magazine or yearbook, or who just love writing and/or page layout and graphic design, are ideal candidates for YEW.  The ultimate goal of the program is development of intern writing abilities and the production and distribution of a literary journal representing the best work of the participants.