Help Midwest Writing Center Celebrate 40 years of serving
writers & readers in the Quad Cities!
First-Time Birdies Contributors$25 & Over Can Win a Kindle!   

As we welcome the return of long days, warm weather, and several of our most notable programs, we are also excited for the John Deere Classic and Birdies for Charity. This summer marks 40 years of the Midwest Writing Center serving writers and readers of all ages in the Quad Cities area. As we celebrate this milestone, we are asking for your support through Birdies for Charity 2019 to continue our mission of “fostering appreciation of the written word, supporting and educating its creators” for the next 40 years.

Midwest Writing Center is the only 501 (c)(3) literary arts non-profit in the Quad Cities area, and 100% of your gift will benefit MWC operations and programs. Your support enables MWC to serve over 3,000 writers and readers every year with over 300 hours of programs and events, including the David R. Collins Writers’ Conference (coming to St. Ambrose University June 27-29), the Children’s Literature Festival, the Young Emerging Writers Summer Internship Program and Middle School Summer Camp, the Great River Writer’s’ Retreat, and much more!

To support MWC through Birdies for Charity, simply make a one-time donation, or a per-birdie pledge of at least one cent, and designate MWC (Birdies #1370) as your charity of choice. In 2019, all charities will be guaranteed a minimum 5% bonus on pledges collected, so this is a great way to maximize the impact of your contribution. In addition to the bonus, a private donor has agreed to match all donations dollar-for-dollar up to $3,000, so your gift will be even further amplified!

Everyone who donates to Birdies for Charity has a chance to win some terrific prizes—along with your donation or pledge, you can guess the number of birdies that will be made during the John Deere Classic; the grand prize is a 2-year lease on a 2019 Lexus NX. As another incentive, a MWC sponsor has donated an Amazon Kindle, which any first-time MWC Birdies contributor of $25 or more will be entered in a drawing to win.

Pledges must be received by Birdies on or before July 12. If you choose to make a one-time flat donation, please make your check payable to “Quad Cities Golf Classic Charitable Foundation” and please include the check at the time you submit the pledge form, per the Birdies for Charity instrcutions. Pledge forms can be mailed to Birdies for Charity or to MWC.

If you prefer to make a contribution online, or want to encourage others to support MWC, you can make a pledge or donate online at donations $25 and above will automatically start or renew your MWC membership. If you are 70 ½, you can also benefit by lowering your tax liability by directly giving to Birdies for Charity from your IRA required minimum distribution. For more information, please contact us.

If you have any questions about Birdies for Charity, or about upcoming MWC programming, please contact us at or 309-732-7330, or visit us online at On behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers of MWC, thank you for your continued support, and have a terrific summer.

Support MWC – YEW Alumni Testimonials

To give you some idea of the impact our programs have, particularly our youth writing programs, we asked some Young Emerging Writers alumni to talk about  about why they think MWC programs are important, and how programs like YEW have helped them achieve success in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Here’s what they had to say:

“As contributor on the first and second volumes of The Atlas, I learned that nothing is more valuable to creativity than relationships; the friends I made in the program are people I still respect and admire even today. The Atlas was my first experience in any kind of writing workshop or writer’s room, and it was the first time I had to work with such a variety of personalities to achieve a common goal. This program, more than any in my high school tenure, set me up for professional success in ways that I can still point to today.” – Samantha G., YEW 2006-2007

“I think the most important thing was that creative work has value, and I mean value here in the most tangible way. My ‘summer job’ was writing and editing and producing a journal. I think it’s HUGE — especially while these types of things are less emphasized in schools etc. — to give young people a chance to see that their creative interest has value and there is an audience for them in the world if they want to keep working at it. If people believe that art matters, they should be making sure the next generation of artists are receiving this message, and they should support YEW.” – Matthew H., YEW 2006-2007

“My time as a YEW intern helped build my confidence in my writing and my ability to offer feedback to others, which really served me well in my creative writing workshops at college and continues to help me in my position as a student, researcher, and instructor. The YEW program is a great opportunity for young adults who want to get hands on experience with workshopping, collaboration, and publication – all skills that are not only marketable, but invaluable for anyone with an eye towards a future related to writing. I’m extremely grateful that I had the chance to participate in this program!” – Becky H., YEW 2011-2012

“As for my time as a YEW intern, the most valuable things I gained from that experience were an ability to talk about writing and critique in a useful way, a sense of community with my fellow interns, and, because I was part of the program for three years, I was also given some opportunities for leadership. Support for the YEW program is crucial because this experience is something that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else in this area. There’s a wonderful balance between guidance and freedom in the creative process as a YEW intern.” – Heidi S., YEW 2011-2013

“I look back on my time with YEW constantly. I didn’t realize at the time just how special that opportunity was, and I’m forever grateful I was able to experience it. It was the first time in my pre-adult life that I felt as if I was actually taken seriously for my writing. I cannot stress enough how beneficial the program was for me going into college – I watched so many classmates struggle from the extreme jump of writing in high school to writing in college and seem lost. That preparation of learning to workshop, being paid for my work, seeing what goes into editing and designing, reading in public, attending writing conferences – I don’t think I would have had the confidence to pursue writing in college without it. For the first time, I was being given work to read that I actually liked, I felt like I was heard as a writer for the first time – and it created a measurable improvement in the spirits and writing of my interning peers… Inspiring and encouraging young writers in a way that doesn’t minimize their pain, their craft, their work, their passion, is in such short supply, and that’s why people should care about this program. You guys have got it figured out.” – Amanda K., YEW 2015