Rebecca Wee and Ryan Collins Read Poems from Dick Stahl’s MY CANCER CHRONICLE on WVIK 6/12/21

Richard “Dick” Stahl (1939-2020)

On Saturday, June 12th, our friends at local NPR affiliate WVIK invited MWC Executive Director Ryan Collins to join Don Wooten and Rebecca Wee, hosts of the show SCRIBBLE, and read a selection of Richard “Dick” Stahl’s final poems.

Dick passed away in 2020, and these poems were selected from his final manuscript MY CANCER CHRONICLE (which was written chronologically from the time of his diagnosis throughout his treatment and time in hospice) by his wife Helen Stahl. June 12th is also Dick’s birthday.

We are thrilled to have been invited to contribute to this special recording, and we look forward to seeing Dick’s final manuscript in the world as a book soon. Check out the broadcast at the link below…

Rebecca Wee and Ryan Collins reading poems from MY CANCER CHRONICLE by Richard “Dick” Stahl on WVIK’s Scribble: