Workshop: Writing as Activism
Instructor: Sarah Elgatian
When: Saturday, October 24, 2-4pm CST
Where: Private Zoom Meeting
Cost: Pay-what-you-can, suggested $30 donation

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Course Description:
We like to believe that art can save but in times of struggle it sometimes feels like we’re not doing enough. In this workshop we will prepare ourselves for the next opportunity to use our writing to work toward social change. We will look at our experiences and discuss how we can use them as fuel for our activism; read pieces of literature that have inspired social change and investigate what is effective about those pieces and the movements that produced them, including different forms of writing (such as music, social media, and advertising) and how they appeal to different audiences. Then we will address ideal next steps and outlets for our work. This workshop will include writing exercises and conversation.

About the Instructor:
Sarah Elgatian is a writer, activist, and barista. In her free time she teaches storytelling with Planned Parenthood and plans art events. An honorary fellow at the Iowa Writers’ House, Sarah’s work has been featured in Beholder Magazine, Anti-Heroin Chic, and We The Interwoven among other publications. She lives in Iowa City where she enjoys dark coffee, bright colors, and long sentences.

This workshop is made possible thanks in part to the generous support of the Illinois Arts Council Agency.