Non-Fiction Doesn’t Mean Boring
A Non-Fiction Workshop led by Ron Elbe

When: Saturday, September 28, 2-4pm
Where: Midwest Writing Center (c/o RIPL, 401 91th St. Rock Island, IL 61201)
Cost: $15 for MWC Members, $20 for non-members, free to high school and college students; scholarships also available for those with financial need – contact Ryan Collins at for more information

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This workshop will discuss, in great detail, key points in the writing and publishing of profitable non-fiction magazine articles and books.

The entire length of the writing/publishing process will be discussed, beginning with selection of a timely and timeless subject and ending with pricing, marketing, and obtaining royalties.

The depth of the process from “big picture” issues (such as deciding on the most effective approach to writing) to details (such as book length, font size, and proper use of photographs) will also be discussed.

Many non-fiction books turn off readers because the books are impersonal and cold. The workshop will explain how to attract and hold readers by speaking personally to your readers and putting “you” into your book.

Most authors will require assistance in the preparation and publication of their manuscript. Key members of the support staff needed by an author will be addressed in the workshop.  

All of the concepts will be discussed based on concrete examples from the speaker’s own experience in writing numerous magazine articles and five published books. 

Ron Elbe‘s ventures as an author began in the early 1990s when he began to write articles for a number of paintball and firearms magazines. Having proven to himself that he could write articles, he decided to write a whole book. After some deliberation he wrote Know Your  Sheridan Rifles and Pistols. It was a commercial success so one year later he followed it with Paintball: The Wizard’s Way.

After he retired from consulting, he had time for new hobbies including pickleball, which he began to play, coach, and referee. That naturally led him to write a pickleball book entitled Pickleball Pointers. He thought that Pickleball Pointers contained all of his knowledge on the subject, but as he continued to coach, he learned more that he wanted to share. Thus, Pickleball Pointers Volume 2 was born. 

He has two more books in process, an autobiography entitled Stories From My Life, and Volume 3 of his pickleball series.

This workshop is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Regional Development Authority and the Illinois Arts Council Agency.