– Before hiring a freelance professional, be sure to clearly define the scope, schedule, expectations and details of your project in writing. Other items that should be agreed upon in writing before the project is started includes cost of services, terms of payment, and how often the freelancer is to “check-in” with the consumer regarding the progress of the project.

– It is never a bad idea to investigate a freelancer before you hire them. Ask for work samples and/or professional references. A good freelance professional will be happy to share these with you.

– Ask the freelance professional to give an estimate of how long it will take to complete a project. Some consumers may wish to set a maximum number of hours a freelance professional may work on the project.

– The MWC does not endorse any professional listed in this directory. The MWC has simply compiled this directory as a resource.

The MWC does not advise or have any control over the cost of service or quality of output delivered by the professionals listed in this directory. Any disputes between consumer and freelance professional must be handled between the consumer and freelance professional. The MWC will not mediate or intervene.

– Keep a copy of the contract that you and the freelance professional have agreed upon.

– We’d like your feedback! If you have a positive (or maybe not so positive) experience with one of our listings,
please let us know at

Suggested items to include in a contract between the freelance professional and client:

– What is the timeline for the project? How is the final project to be delivered to the consumer?

– How often does the freelance professional need to give a status update of the project?

– What are the details/expectations of this project? What elements need to be included in the finished project to meet the consumer’s expectations? Clearly defining project expectations protects BOTH the consumer and freelancer.

– How does the freelance professional and consumer prefer to be contacted and at what time? (example: Home phone between 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.., email, face-to-face)

– Fees and costs: Will the freelance professional be paid hourly and at what rate? Will the freelance professional be paid a flat fee?

– Is the consumer responsible for paying for needed supplies such as paper, ink, telephone? Is the freelance professional paid when the job is completed or in weekly/monthly?

– Keep in mind, if the consumer expands the scope of the project after the contract has been signed and agreed upon, a new contract should be written to reflect these changes.

– If a contract is created, both parties should sign and keep copies for their records.