Yoga for Writer’s Block!

We all get it.  That stubborn road block that won’t allow a new idea or phrase to creep into our heads.

Our Creative Muse is being a Creative Mule!

Yoga is the perfect vehicle for allowing the brain to relax, and release, and open the gates.


  1. Start writers with an intention / breathing / thought work.  A simple yoga practice to release the physical muscles used to write: fingers, shoulders, arms, neck.
  1. Read writers a well-known and established poem. Ask them to feel the words.  Which words rest in your head, your feet, your heart, etc?
  1. Roll through a more “vigorous practice,” (vigorous being determined upon meeting the attendees), and asking writers to find the words in their bodies.
  1. After practice, a break to flash-write (15 minutes or so).
    1. Regroup and share writings, either anonymously read by me or by each writer. Communication between attendees.  Writers may not say what it means or how they came to it; the poem must stand on its own.
  1. Depending on time and interest, we could go through another round of editing. Usually, though, this fills up a great deal of time and energy.




Michelle A. Ladwig has been both writing and practicing yoga since the Carter administration.  Hard to believe, but true.

               Her works have been focused in Thieves Jargon, Gumball Poetry, Stirring, and a recording for Colby Sawyer College’s Talking Sticks Series.  She is a thrice-awarded First Prize recipient for the MWC Iron Pen Contest.

She has performed at Venus Envy for the past four years with her Hummingbird Project: Art as Movement installments.  She is currently writing a one-woman, one-act play scheduled for performance Spring 2016.

P.S.  If you are worried about pretzeling credentials, Michelle is a 200+ Hour Certified Yoga Instructor.


Registration 9/26/15